Amanda Greene enjoys connecting and sharing her passions with others.  Amanda is an advocate for Lupus, an autoimmune disease which afflicts more than 1.5 million people in the United States.  As "LA Lupus Lady", she raises awareness and support for Lupus and the Lupus community.  She openly shares her Lupus story and can often be found on her iPad "tweeting too much."              

She was diagnosed with Lupus in 1983 at the age of 15.  Today Amanda not only "lives with Lupus" but is active, healthy and thriving.  Thriving with Lupus is not as easy as it sounds.  Amanda is constantly exploring new resources to manage her symptoms.  Connecting with Lupus patients, caregivers and others who live with chronic illness is one way that Amanda shares and engages with the wellness community.

As a voice and activist for Lupus and the Lupus community, Amanda believes that sharing is caring.  Proudly representing the patient voice, Amanda was a Social Media Narrator for the "Great Challenges" program at TEDMED 2013 at The Kennedy Center in April.  Amanda happily joined forces with Mat Simpkins to make the "L Hand Sign Lupus Awareness Flash Mob Freeze" in Hollywood a rousing success.  Amanda travelled from coast to coast to share that "May is Lupus Awareness Month!" from flash mobs to walking with her East Coast family and online friends for the Alliance for Lupus Research at MetLife Stadium.  Amanda does what she can to raise awareness and support Lupus Research.  This Summer, Amanda experienced her first major flare in 10 years and tweeted every step of the way.  Whether it was "painsomnia" or Physical Therapy at the Elizabeth Taylor Aquatic Center, Amanda found her flair despite the pain.

In 2012, Amanda traveled across the country to share how much fun Lupus Awareness can be.   In May, after flying cross-country, she supported the Alliance for Lupus Research World Lupus Day "Collaborating for a Cure" event and walked on the field at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey with her niece and sister-in-law--thus allowing Amanda's passions to collide.  In June, she spoke with Tiffany Peterson about the impact Social Media has on the Lupus Community at the 140 Conference in New York City, openly sharing what "Lupus Style" means to her on stage at the 92nd Street.  (She had previously moderated the "Lupus Ladies of Twitter" panel held during 2011's 140 Conference, sharing that "Lupus Awareness is Fun because it is important").  In September, Amanda flew to Kansas City for "Cinderblocks" Partnership with Patients Summit, where as a Patient Ambassador she gave an "ignite speech".  By year's end, she proudly joined Regina Holliday's "The Walking Gallery."  In addition, in both 2012 and 2011, Amanda was a part of "breakout sessions" at the Women in Pain Conference held at the California Endowment Center in Los Angeles and spoke about how Social Media can help you create and "Build Communities and Find your Tribe" online.

Amanda has a flair for style as an accomplished brand ambassador, with particular experience in the fashion, entertainment and cosmetics industries.  She organized publicity events, both real-time and online, for nationally distributed brands and campaigns.  Amanda has developed successful campaigns and events for diverse clients including: CNN, Warner Brothers Television, the Mill Valley Film Festival, Bill Graham Productions and Grateful Dead Productions.  Connecting with Social Media is a natural extension of Amanda's warm personality.

Amanda lives in Los Angeles, with her husband Steve and their cat, “Rex Ryan”.  Her other interests include art, photography, gardening and supporting the New York Jets!