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I'm obsessed with Huge Lips & RED SOLE!

Being obsessed with Huge Lips!

My hubby is a little jealous. I've fallen in love and it has become a bit of a problem. You see, I am "in love" with a lip gloss. Actually, it's more than a lip gloss - it is a lip plumper infused with Hoodia, the appetite suppressant. I am in love with "Huge Lips, Skinny Hips" from Purple Lab NYC. I know that you might think that I'm crazy, but my life truly has changed since just before the product hit the stores.

As an LA Lady, I like to be on the forefront of style and trends, especially affordable ones like lip glosses (each shade is only $20) but this was different because this lip gloss was not only going to have lip plumper (full gorgeous lips, here we come) but would also contain the ingredient Hoodia. How perfect--a lip gloss that would help keep the tray passed munchies away! Created by Purple Lab NYC, a company and product that was inspired by Karen Robinovitz (a Manhattan Fashionista who has been a style guru and role model to me since her days of 'topless journalism' writing for Marie Claire) the product "Huge Lips, Skinny Hips" was exactly the item my makeup bag and vanity needed.

Hearing about Huge Lips, Skinny Hips was too much to bear. I couldn't wait to get some on my lips a.s.a.p. --then the search began. Living on the West Coast, I was 'thisclose' to flying to Vegas for the weekend just to shop at Scoop. Then I befriended the various employees of the three closest Space.NK boutiques within Bloomingdale's. Covering the local bases, and even speaking with the regional manager who called me the minute she received an email with the shipping date. Once shipped it the Purple Lab NYC display came in but there was no lip plumper, yet... Two days later I got the call, I had been waiting for - it was 2:17pm when my phone rang and all the message said was "they are here." It was the familiar voice of Geoff at the Century City Bloomingdale's Space.NK counter. I knew what he meant. But as fate would have it, instead of jumping in my car and driving straight to Bloomie's, I had an appointment that could not be rescheduled. So I went to Bloomingdale's as soon as I could.

It was just after 6pm, when I approached the counter. First I saw the purple hand held mirror, and then there they were the first 6 shades of Purple Lab NYC's Huge Lips, Skinny Hips. I recognized the shape of the tube already as I had seen them repeatedly in various forms of media. As I got closer to the counter, I saw Geoff and he saw me. A smile grew on both of our faces--mine because of the impending glory and joy had finally reached a crescendo and Geoff's smile I assume was because he works on commission. Soon, I would be experiencing Huge Lips, Skinny Hips for myself!

As soon as I fingered the testers I was in love, I had fallen hard. I loved Worship Kate (a yummy berry shade with a slight shimmer) immediately and Kitty Poledancer was a close second. I have a cat (though I insist I am not a "cat person") and I love S Factor, which is the female empowering exercise/dance class that inspired the hue name. (In case you were wondering, Kate Moss adoration is how Karen came about the name for Worship Kate!) So after deciding which shades I was going to get that day, I had chosen three shades-- the aforementioned Worship Kate, Kitty Poledancer and No Panty Lines (everything that is awesome about HL, SH without color, a clear gloss to enhance any lip product.) I told Geoff which shades to get me and he said that I got the last Worship Kate. WHAT?! You just called me, he said he had a list and I was lucky to get what I wanted. I knew he was right.

Something amazing happened to me when I put on the lip plumper. First thing, I noticed was the stinging sensation that comes with most plumpers was MIA, no stinging (or buzzing for that matter)--this was cool. Then I realized it was cool, actually the gloss seemed to cool my lips. I finally had a cool pout. The smell and taste were delish. The real test of course came later - when I kissed my husband, he said "Yum!" Unlike most lip sticks or glosses, with Huge Lips, Skinny Hips I didn't leave his lips sticky.

In the next two days, I went back to Bloomingdale's twice. Once I had to have Lychee Martini, a coral shade that would go perfect with the outfit I had planned for the weekend. The next time I returned, I accepted my fate and bought Love Your Thighs, a super rich luxurious shade of pink and the knock 'em dead perfect shade of red RED SOLE. Saving the best for last? I have worn my RED SOLE all summer long and usually red glosses make my lips look gloppy and gross. Purple Lab NYC's RED SOLE is bright, bold and bodacious! Like I said, I'm in love with (more than) a lip gloss.

Please click the link below and take a minute to vote for me in Purple Lab NYC's Kiss and Tell contest. (more on the incredible contest soon!)

Brickfish Social Media: Bold Bright & Bodacious

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What a fantastic article! I'm so happy to hear that you're happy... and it's so cool that this contest brought us two fellow bloggers together! :) Looking forward to following you on here and Twitter and getting to know you.

All the best,
Jami of

August 10, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBionic Beauty

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