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Nothing is impossible.

The power of social media can be used for good and Regina Holliday @ReginaHolliday creator of The Walking Gallery decided about 4 months ago that she was going to create a Partnership With Patients Summit to be held in Kansas City, Missouri.  When I first heard about the Health Care Social Media "power-houses" attending I was interested by there was no way that I could afford to travel to the conference at this time.  I am still paying off the credit card from my trips to NYC for Lupus Advocacy.  That's when Tiffany @TiffanyAndLupus Peterson told me to apply for a scholarship... and I did.  Regina Holliday Patient Travel Scholarship call to action..

Nothing is impossible. (Believe this and it will change your life.)  I waited until almost the last day to apply, I wrote about why I wanted to go in the post "Take Me to the Summit" I got a scholarship and this is the post about what happened in Kansas City... because sharing is caring.

Regina worked hard and perfected the conference schedule to make every minute count.  From the Friday night gathering of The Walking Gallery where most everyone wore their patient /advocate story on their hand painted jackets.  Regina is an artist and has transformed the patient voice by making it a work of art.  It would be impossible to articulate Regina's story here, so I am including a lot of links to connect you directly to her.


This is Regina's own "Walking Gallery" jacket.

This is Tiffany's "Walking Gallery" jacket painted by Regina.

This is a Lego of the East Coast members of #TheWalkingGallery community.

Regina hasn't finished  my jacket yet, so I proudly wore this one.  Regina is incredibly talented.

The next day was the Partnership with Patients Summit known by the hashtag #cinderblocks I felt lucky to be there so I wanted to show how much I love the Summit with a kiss of the "cinderblock"  

The agenda was jam packed with informative and dynamic speakers.  The opening remarks from Regina started the day with passion.  Then Dave @ePatientDave deBronkart of the Society for Participatory Medicine spoke with Michael Millenson.  Next were the 4x4 presentations from conference sponsors, I really liked @IntouchSol 's presentation and @BunnyEllerin are connecting physicians and Health Care Providers communicate with one another.  Then @Pocket_Health and @Cerner presented.

I attended the morning sessions with Pat @PMastors Mastors on the Partnership with/for Patients and the Patient Speakers and SpeakerLink Panel with @ePatientDave, Kait @Kaitbr B Roe where the inspiration flowed like the Missouri River --where the Riverfront Conference is located along.

After a quick lunch it was time to head over to the @Cerner Experience Theater where we learned what it was like to be a patient "Cerner Style" a network that connects the health care providers using a technology network and improving the current health care system.

After the Cerner Experience, I found a quiet corner of the lounge and took a #LupusStyle nap to reboot before the afternoon sessions.  Then came the session I was really looking forward to Lisa Field's aka @PracticalWisdom "Power Points that Snap, Crackle and Pop!" Of course, I had already submitted my slides for my Ignite! speech later that night but I learned what to do and not, in future presentations.  I didn't know what an Ignite! speech was two weeks ago -- but when Regina put out the call to submit ideas for an Ignite! speech I did.  And since "Nothing is Impossible" I was selected to be an Ignite! speaker.  I spoke about my journey "From Flare to Flair" how I discovered my patient voice and found my "Lupus Style"

Sunday was #HCKC Health Camp Kansas City... I was a very "happy camper" especially after reading the rules, who wouldn't be? 

The Health Camp sessions were not determined until that morning, they were an extension of the information and passion that we learned the day before.  I loved the flexibilty and "crowd-sourcing" format of the panels and how people worked together to workshop ideas.

While we were workshopping at the Riverfront Cerner Conference Center we watched for and saw @DaveCorn who is swimming 1,000 miles to raise cancer awareness.  Follow his team @Swim1000 to learn more.  He got off the river where he enjoyed a bite to eat and cleaned up a bit and then took the stage and share his story of Cancer Awareness and his 25 journeys of 1,000 miles each.

If it were not for the generosity of @TrishaTorrey I would not have been in Kansas City for #TheWalkingGallery #Cinderblocks and #HCKC I will be forever grateful to Trisha for making me believe that "Nothing is Impossible."

Hugs and Smiles,


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