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A-Z wrapping up the awesomeness of #NHBPM & "LA Lupus Lady"

Trying to accentuate the positive without seeming arrogant, I decide to instead of using a "Get Out Of Post Free" I would ask my husband to help me and guest write about the Day 30 (the last one!) prompt for WEGO Health's #NHBPM, "why I'm awesome.  So in true "Lupus Style" I asked for the assistance, last night and got it, in the form of this post.  However, because there is usually a "however" in a life of someone who lives with lupus, (or any chronic condition) when I asked for help this morning, while still half-asleep I was jolted awake because a simple task on the "honey do" list was too complex for my husband, apparently as can be seen by his eloquent post below he thinks I am kind of cool and likes me, but when it comes to being a caregiver, there is much to be desired.

"Here's why Amanda "LA Lupus Lady" is Awesome... a guest post written by me, Steve Leblang, her husband aka: LA Lupus Lady's Man!  I think Amanda is awesome for many reasons!   I will list the reasons alphabetically... 

A- Amazing--the perfect description for her passion and energy 
B- Beautiful--inside and out
C- Creative--how else can someone do 29 inspiring posts in 29 days?
D- Distinctive-- the definition of "Lupus Style"
E- Entertaining-- to "watch her watch" something is a joy unto itself
F- Fascinating-- A day doesn't go by that I don't learn or experience something new thanks to her
G- Grateful-- Both for life and the Dead
H- Huggable-- Hey, I'm allowed to be biased in this opinion!
I- Inspiring -- When I see how her words of encouragement and empowerment affect so many every day, I'm reinvigorated myself to be as good as I can be
J- Jumping Jacks -- A great way to stay (somewhat) in shape during football season!
K- Kissable-- See "huggable"
L- (tie) LA, Lupus and Lady --for obvious reasons!
M-Magnanimous.  Webster's definition is "showing or suggesting a lofty and courageous spirit".  Most appropriate!
N- New York.  My hometown, and our favorite city to travel to, especially during baseball or football season!
O- Original.  My wife is truly unique in how she expresses her contagious passions
P- Purple.  Her favorite color (as if the site's frame wasn't a giveaway)--and I have to admit I look pretty good in it myself!
Q- Quick.  She can finish my sentences ahead of me--her mind is THAT fast--and you should see how it helps her score big in Words with Friends!
R- Rich.  In heart and soul, and we're working on the money part together...
S- Social.  As in "media", and especially as it relates to engaging with other people.
T- Twitter.  She makes 140 characters as entertaining as possible with every tweet.
U-Unstoppable.  When she's determined to make something happen, forces of nature and beyond can't slow her down.
V- Victorious.  Not everything is distinctly in the "win" column, but every day we're in there fighting, and that's a victory in its own right.
W- (tie)  Wonderful, Wild and Wacky.  She's all three, often at the same time, and you never know how much of each you're gonna get... 
X-  eXquisite.  This applies to her tastes as well as her heart.  She's made me appreciate the subtleties of fashion and style, and that's quite a leap for a guy who at one time couldn't wash his underwear without it turning pink
Y- Yummy.  Allow me to plead the Fifth on details here...
Z- Zingy!  OK, it's not a real word, but she makes my heartstrings go "Zing!" every morning, so I'll contend that it fits here...
Amanda is awesome in more ways than I can count... from A to Z Amanda is a jigsaw puzzle of awesomeness!
~ back to our regularly scheduled post.
Thank you honey.  This post written to conclude November 2012, WEGO Health's National Health Blog Post Month.
To wrap up #NHBPM thought that instead of "tooting my own horn" I would let my hubby @SteveLeblang tell you why he "likes me" (and thinks I am awesome.)  I have written about lupus in a variety of ways, but in true "Lupus Style" I support WEGO Health but am glad November is over.  Now I have to "talk" to my husband about the proper methods of early morning communication with his half-sleeping wife who suffers from lupus, fibro, APS and IMS (a newly discovered condition, I call: Irritable Morning Syndrome).  So the last day of #NHBPM is starting just like it began a mere 30 days ago... I am struggling to shine, despite the factors that want to engulf my fire and "flair" - thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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