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a few more than 140 words...

This is it, the state of now is here, and I am packing my suitcase as I embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  Tonight, I will be flying Virgin America across the country to New York City.  The anticipation has been building and the pace has ramped up... now is the time to pack for my #LupusStyle #140conf adventure.  I feel like the Virgin America slogan "the world is my runway..." and the stage of the 92nd Street Y connects me to the world. 

Rushing around, means there is no time for me to write with the eloquence I had hoped but I promise you this my passion and enthusiasm for connecting is ready.  Are you?  Follow along.  You will learn more about "Lupus Style" over the next week if you watch my Twitter feed... remember that "Lupus Awareness is fun." I hope you connect with me and my journey.

Link to the NYC 2012 "State of Now"

Link to the NYC 2012 "State of Now" Speakers

Link to the NYC 2012 "State of Now" conference schedule


Lupus Awareness is Fun!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows what my tagline is.  If you've been reading my posts for WEGO Health's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge you know what it is.  My tagline captures my passion and purpose simply put "Lupus Awareness is Fun!"

On Twitter, I will use the hashtag of my tagline #LupusAwarenessisFun.  The truth is that "Lupus Awareness is fun, but living with Lupus is not"  I know and have lived with Lupus for long enough to discover the (many) joys of Lupus.  Sharing my story and talking about Lupus is not as chic or fabulous as talking about Fashion and the latest color for Spring/Summer but when I share that "Lupus Awareness is Fun" I feel that my attitude will encourage positive sharing and spark a conversation about Lupus, funding Lupus Research and supporting the Lupus community.

"Lupus Awareness is Fun!"  I will be sharing my tagline on the 140 Character Conference stage as part of the "Return of the Lupus Ladies" panel on June 20th at the 92nd Street Y! If you live in or around New York City, I hope to see you there.  Save money and get your tickets soon.  "Early Bird" ticket pricing ends May 4th.  Make your plans to be a part of the #140conf community.  The #LupusLadies are @bydls Christine Miserandino and @TiffanyAndLupus Tiffany Peterson.  See why I feel that "Lupus Awareness is Fun" and how the Lupus community finds and shares meaning in the State of Now!!/search/%23LupusAwarenessisFun

Thank you for reading about my tagline and I hope that together we can share that "Lupus Awareness is Fun!"


My Theme Song ~ Day 11 #HAWMC

I love "the Serendipity of Twitter".  The words of Jeff Pulver (founder of the 140 Character Conference and the State of Now @JeffPulver) ring in my head and embrace my heart as I begin this post for @wegohealth Day 11.  Some of the prompts for #HAWMC have given me trouble while others have been easy to write.  I would like to thank the #RVSX team who helped me with this post while they were on their way to South by Southwest last month.  While on the journey (aka: road trip!) from Chicago to Austin via an RV my friends on #RVSX had a Twitter contest.  The first person to call into a special 1(800) phone number would win a song written for them by Jason Curry!/jsncurry a professional musician and awesome banjo player.

By the time I saw the tweet from Melissa Pierce!/melissapierce (a friend that I met through Jeff Pulver's 140 Conference), it was about 10 minutes old.  I figured there was no way I would be the first person to call but when Melissa answered and I asked "Am I the first caller?" it turned out I was.  The RV was outside of Memphis.  After a quick conversation with Melissa about how the trip was going she passed the phone to Jason who asked all kinds of questions about me and what I liked.  He even went on to my facebook page to get some further insight.

The resulting song makes me smile from the depths of my "big ole heart".  Though it was written with me in mind, I feel Jason captured what any woman/lady/girl who lives with a chronic illness goes through every day.

There are no words that can fully express my gratitude to the RVSX Team of Melissa Pierce, Jason Curry, Jon Andreyo!/jonandreyo (he plays great trash can/bongos), Molly Cantrell-Kraig!/mckra1g and Roger!/irunfromknives who shot and edited the video of the song for taking the time to make me feel incredibly special.  Roger's other videos can be seen via

The @wegohealth prompt for today is THEME SONG.  Imagine your health focus or blog is getting its own theme song.  What would the lyrics be?  What type of music would it be played to?

The lyrics to Amanda's Song written and performed by Jason Curry

Get up and get on moving.

You're alright, you're good and groovin'.

You're a good girl

that works so hard changing peoples lives

with your big ole heart.


It's a new day to dig your feet in

and clap your hands and keep repeatin'

and you're a sweet girl

that know how to fight as best you can, to make things right.


Get up and keep on moving.

You're alright

You're good and groovin'

You're a good girl

that works so hard changing peoples lives

with your big ole heart.


Speaker / VIP #140conf Cocktail Party Fun!

@MissVersatile and me, Twitter friends connecting!  Thanks to @JeffPulver and the #140conf

Cheers to another successful #140conf

50% of the #140conf attendees were female.  How many were Bombshells?

Photo Op of the photog! "Smile!"

As you can tell from the pictures, the Speaker/VIP Cocktail Party at 48 Lounge in Midtown Manhattan was fun.  Walking into the #140conf party was like walking into a warm hug.  Whether I was reconnecting with old friends or making new one, my favorite part of the #140conf is the hugs!

After leaving the cocktail party, I walked to the corner to hail a taxi... when I realized I was in front of the SNY Manhattan Studios.  SNY is the New York Sports Channel that is the television home to the New York Mets.  The Mets are my husband's favorite baseball team so it was a NYC surprise come true when the Mets won their game and I was a "face in the crowd" during Tuesday June 14th's Post Game Report while I was called my husband who was at home in LA with our cat "Bernie Williams"!

Self-portrait in front of SNY Studios!



Welcome to NYC #140conf Style!

Here I am at the #140conf Speaker/VIP cocktail party wearing Karen Kane (Karen_Kane on Twitter) and Ellen Tracy (@EllenTracyNY on Twitter).  I felt so good that I almost forgot I was representing the "Lupus Ladies of Twitter"

Sharing that Lupus Awareness is Fun in NYC was my goal for the week and from the time I took off on the red-eye flight (compliments of the official airline of the 140 Conference and Jeff Pulver) Virgin America (@VirginAmerica on Twitter) from LAX wearing my "LA Lupus Lady says 'Lupus Awareness is Fun'" button and landed at Kennedy Airport on June 13th, the Monday of #140conf week I did just that.

I know that it takes my body a little more time than most to recoup from jetlag.  I wanted to be rested and ready for my week in New York!  After being the perfect location for the #Fashion140 in May, I chose to stay once again at the Hudson Hotel (@HudsonNYC on Twitter)  the entire staff was friendly and accomodating to all of my requests.  Whether it was early check-in, late check-out or extra Malin+Goetz bath products.  

After a shopping trip to Ricky's NYC, I returned to the hotel and found my room ready... I had time for a nap and a few texts, before it was time to meet @SpunkySchmoozer for dinner at Hudson Hall.  The hip cafeteria style hotel restaurant.  The food tasted better than it looked but the Strawberry Mojito was by far the best thing about the meal, aside from the company of a good friend.

Surprises were around every corner because before the meal was over, there was a "special delivery" from Ellen Tracy.  Pictured above, around my neck.

I have only just begun to share my #140conf fun...follow along as I blog all about it!