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"The only change is that everything is always changing."

Last night at LA's "DANCE DOWN: Movement and Magic From Inside The Haus" inside the dance studio at Live Arts LA.  Richard jackson said "The only change is that everything is always changing." While Richy was referring to dancing with Lady Gaga and being part of "The Haus" he could have easily been talking about life with lupus.  At one point, during his empowering talk, Richy said the dancers often called it the "Gaga Challenge" leading me to this post... 

As a young girl, my mom took me to see (make that experience) "A Chorus Line" at The Shubert Theater.  I had taken ballet and tap classes, it was obvious that though I loved the music and the mirror that I was not the shining star but I loved it.  The line that stuck with me from that show "All I ever wanted was the chance to dance."  Thanks to Richy and "Dance Down" I lived my dream.  I never thought I would... recently I celebrated the 30th anniversary of my lupus diagnosis.  I will never be a professional dancer but last night I was able to escape the realities of my lupus life and experience "Movement and Magic" 

I wore purple from head to toe, proud to reflect my "Lupus Style" amongst a sea of black clad dancers.

The fact that "Dance Down" was held the night before I had to take a Chest CT helped me.  Richy, Lady Gaga and The Haus usually bring me joy.  But last night, was an up close and personal experience unlike any "Ball" could ever be.  Just for a moment, actually closer to 4 hours, Richy shared a glimpse into his creative life and journey.  He opened up about the real life of a dancer and I was able to forget that my new doctor wants more tests.  Lupus, even after 30 years, is always changing within me.  Just when I think that I know how to live with lupus, there is a new twist thrown my way.  While I won't know for a few days what the results of the Chest CT I took this afternoon are.  I do know that dancing to the choreography of Richard Jackson with The Haus and "DANCE DOWN" LA dancers took me to another place, literally "moving" me.

Richy taught us choreography but he reminded me to never give up and stay true to my passion.

"Paws Up!" with Richy!

After class with Victor @kidperu Rojas.

A trio of dancers, is that me?

proudly posing with the #LHandSign w/ @IamKevinFrey

Purple is the color of royalty... and lupus awareness.  My regal pose needs some work.

Showing strength together with @AsielHardison

"Lupus Awareness is Fun!" and while I may never experience the GAGA CHALLENGE I am happy to participate in WEGO Health's 2013 Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge especially since HAWMC is forcing/encouraging me to share the happiness, stress, joy, frustration and anxiety of April 2013 with you here. 


Get Up and Keep On Moving!

"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.  This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking." Agnes de Mille

I love to dance.  I am not particularly good, but I enjoy the movement and magic that I feel when I dance.  In a few short hours... I will be dancing.  Not just dancing but experiencing Movement and Magic at "Dance Down" a workshop led by Richard @RichySquirrel Jackson!  He is one of the most prolific choreographers in the world and today I will be getting inspired and learning from him and other members of the Haus of Gaga!

While I am not following the WEGO Health "Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge" prompts, I am living up to the task of being a Health Activist who challenges the boundaries I have imposed on myself.  There are still times when the voice in my head thinks I am "too old" "too fat" or "too Lupie" to try -- that's when my flair kicks in and says "Get Up and Keep on Moving"

Tomorrow I will share all about the Magic of "Dance Down" until then "Keep Dancing!"