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A lot can happen in a week.... living my best life "Oprah Style".

It was a week ago tonight that Oprah Winfrey tweeted "Lupus"!  I like to share that Lupus Awareness is Fun and sometimes my passion and purpose are mistaken for being "more than a little loopy" but when I saw the tweet from @Oprah to @LAlupusLady I must admit I screamed.  Then I thought I was being punked.  Did Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) have something to do with this? 

You see when Oprah and the Harpo Team started live tweeting on Sunday nights. I knew I could grab their attention.  I just hoped my passionate dedication wouldn't be seen as a security risk and my husband imagined Sheri Salata (Oprah's Executive Producer, @SheriSalata on Twitter) calling the FBI with my Twitter name and email address.  I went Twitter crazy using and I admit it abusing the #OprahLiveTweet hashtag.  I was tweeting everyone I could find who worked at Harpo and hoping against hope that the lady O, Oprah herself would at least be talking about the "loopy Lupus Lady from LA" and then it happened.  I got a response from @Oprah!

I barely had time to celebrate that I indeed helped get Oprah into the loop for Lupus.  Because I was preparing for Passover Seders and peeling apples and thinking about how so many people are enslaved in various ways.  I shared with Oprah how people with Lupus are enslaved every day by their disease.  I shared with Oprah that when I met her briefly at a party during the Democratic Convention in Chicago during the summer of 1996, it was a moment that stuck with me and led me on my path to Lupus Wellness Advocacy.  I shared with Oprah what I wanted to share with Oprah.  So I wasn't in front of the cameras.  I did what I really wanted to do.  I wanted to share, connect and engage Oprah in proving that Lupus Awareness is Fun.  Even though there may not be an Oprah show about Lupus, I know that I shared my passion and purpose with Oprah.  Oprah knows that Lupus Awareness is Fun!

As Oprah moves on and my dream of appearing as an ambassador for Lupus patients on The Oprah Show fades I feel a new dream forming and with it the "Next Chapter" of my life.  I am grateful that I shared a Twitter moment with Oprah.  I have been smiling all week long, whenever I think about dreams, goals and visions.  I believe that anything is possible, if you want it enough!


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