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"Gotta Support the Team!"

There are many parallels to being a die-hard sports fan and someone who suffers with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus symptoms can range from generalized fatigue and weakness to disorders affecting the Central Nervous System, as a dedicated fan of the New York Jets and a woman living with lupus, I can tell you from my perspective that chronic pain associated with lupus is not comparable to the acute sensation of "sports fan stress" but during today's New York Jets football game I could not help but be inspired by how Rex Ryan and the team found a way to tolerate a painful start, despite injuries and endure to find the win.
Whether you are a fan of the Jets or any sports team, I think you'll agree with me and David Puddy (who painted his face like a Devil) because "you gotta support the team."  (Looking at the picture from Seinfeld, I almost see the butterfly rash on Puddy's face.) 
It is December 3rd and I am writing a blog asking you to support my team again.  Because I am participating in the "Virtual Walk" on December 8th, this Saturday.  My team name is "Lupus Style!" wherever you are on Saturday, you can be a part of the team.
In case you are unaware 100% of every donation to the Alliance for Lupus Research, directly supports Lupus Research thanks to the incredibly supportive and amazing Board of Directors.  Because the Board supports the ALR team by paying for all operating expenses, your donation directly supports and funds lupus research.  You gotta support the team.  When you support the Alliance for Lupus Research, you support the team on the path to discovering the cure.