Entries in NYC (5)


Annie shot me! 

The top picture is of me and the photographer Annie Leibovitz.  The photograph on the bottom was taken by Annie Leibovitz. 

These pictures represent a glorious time of my life, I was visiting New York City, one of my favorite places in the world, when I read about an Annie Leibovitz book signing.  I changed my plans to attend, little did I know that I would be "shot" by one the most prolific photographers of our time.    Without question, two of my favorite pictures taken of me.


Speaker / VIP #140conf Cocktail Party Fun!

@MissVersatile and me, Twitter friends connecting!  Thanks to @JeffPulver and the #140conf

Cheers to another successful #140conf

50% of the #140conf attendees were female.  How many were Bombshells?

Photo Op of the photog! "Smile!"

As you can tell from the pictures, the Speaker/VIP Cocktail Party at 48 Lounge in Midtown Manhattan was fun.  Walking into the #140conf party was like walking into a warm hug.  Whether I was reconnecting with old friends or making new one, my favorite part of the #140conf is the hugs!

After leaving the cocktail party, I walked to the corner to hail a taxi... when I realized I was in front of the SNY Manhattan Studios.  SNY is the New York Sports Channel that is the television home to the New York Mets.  The Mets are my husband's favorite baseball team so it was a NYC surprise come true when the Mets won their game and I was a "face in the crowd" during Tuesday June 14th's Post Game Report while I was called my husband who was at home in LA with our cat "Bernie Williams"!

Self-portrait in front of SNY Studios!



Lupus Awareness is Fun in New York City!

More #140conf blog to come but just in case you missed it...(Mom, this is for you!) Here is The Lupus Ladies of Twitter panel at the NYC 2011 #140conf


Christine Miserandino, @bydls Creator of the #spoonie hashtag and author of "The Spoon Theory"

Kelly Dawn, @KellyFund4Lupus Facebook Lupus Group moderator and she runs the Kelly Fund for Lupus

Brenda Blackmon @BrendaBlackmon Mom of Kelly, journalist and author of A Mom's Story

and me!


Lupus Awareness is Fun in New York City!

While I am in New York City next week, I will combining my passion and purpose in every thing I do while I am in Manhattan.  Whether I am speaking/moderating the "Lupus Ladies of Twitter" panel at the 140 Characters Conference on June 16th (immediately following @DeepakChopra), toasting with cocktails at the Hudson Hotel or encouraging you to #GetInOnIt with me and the @Alliance4Lupus ~ my goal is to share that Lupus Awareness is Fun, because it is important.  

The highlight "Lupus Awareness is Fun in NYC" activity will be on Saturday, June 18th from 1-3PM where I share with the support of the Hudson Hotel.  Goodie Bags support donated by Hylunia Skin Care, Vita Coco, Coco Mama Foods and SARK!  Information provided by the Alliance for Lupus Research.

 Lupus Awareness is Fun in NYC! Join me at the Hudson Hotel!


The Kiss & Tell contest

My recent obsession with Huge Lips, Skinny Hips came to an explosive rapture of joy when I learned about the "Kiss & Tell Your 'Huge Lips, Skinny Hips' I.D." contest. Brickfish and Purple Lab NYC teamed up to create a contest that got me thinking about the variety of ways women have to empower themselves.

The contest rules: Each entrant reads about the inspiration behind the colors of the Huge Lips, Skinny Hips lip gloss (lip plumper infused with Hoodia) and then select a color that they identify with. Upload a fabulous photo of themselves and describe why the entrant identifies with the color they chose. Decorate the photo/entry with colors, text and symbols provided by Brickfish and click submit. It's so easy to enter--if you haven't already, you should do it now!

The "Kiss and Tell Your Huge Lips, Skinny Hips I.D." contest winner & a friend will be flown to New York City to share first hand the locations and people who embody the philosophy behind the Purple Lab NYC collection. They will have the true Purple Lab NYC adventure. Creatrix Karen Robinovitz is a hip, modern fashionista who named the Huge Lips, Skinny Hips after her passions, philosophies and inspirations. The Grand Prize is the chance to explore locations and enjoy experiences that embody the light behind the shimmery glosses.

Huge Lips, Skinny Hips shade names and influences:

  • Lychee Martini--sweet and sexy, this shade is named for one of Karen's favorite fruits. I like this coral color because it reminds me of a tropical island getaway. I find it hard to say Lychee Martini without smiling.
  • Red Sole-- named after the infamous colored sole of Christian Louboutin shoes. This is the perfect shade of knock 'em dead red, the color deepens when you layer it on, your lips become bolder, brighter and boosting with confidence.
  • Love Your Thighs-- this "not too pink" pink hue is named for Karen's philospohy that all women should love their bodies and appreciate who they are.
  • Kitty Poledancer--the pretty nude shade inspired by S-Factor, the empowering exercise for women only (yes, there is a stripper pole involved) and the nickname Karen's 'gay husband' gave her. You won't feel nude even if you're naked wearing Kitty Poledancer.
  • No Panty Lines-- the sheer lip plumper will enhance any shade of lip color, or wear it alone for the pure joy of shiny satiny natural lips.
  • Worship Kate--an homage to icon and inspiration of Kate Moss. This shade is a great berry shimmer and has the ability to blend with anything. Just like Kate's style, it can mix and match as easily as it can stand alone.
Travel to and from New York City is included (thanks to CheapOAir), a stay at the hip Smyth hotel in Tribeca, drinking Lychee Martinis at the Smyth hotel bar, shopping trips to TopShop (Kate Moss' line is sold there) and Christian Louboutin, a tribute to the shades Worship Kate and Red Sole, as well as the Wonder Women portion of the Grand Prize: the power of an S Factor class and a burlesque lesson from the incredible Veronica Varlow to feel like a Kitty Poledancer and Love Your Thighs for real! There's more surprises as well... Here's hoping that I win or if you win you take me along as your friend!

The rules are simple enough, but how would I be able to convey my love of the amazing product while combining elements of my personality and creativity--and still make it "Viral-able", let alone chose a single shade out of the six to identify with. Now the challenge began to create a winning entry.

Coming soon, producing the Kiss & Tell contest entries for all 6 shades!