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Dealing with negativity

As someone who strives to accentuate the positive.  I am going to put all my cards on the table to let you (gentle reader) know how I "deal" with negativity.  Whether the meanness comes from a single bully or an entire organization, like the Tom Petty song says "I won't back down".  I will not change who I am or stop sharing how I thrive as a woman who lives with lupus.  If my blog posts, tweets or Facebook status give one person a reason to keep smiling or keep fighting then I am doing my job as a patient/advocate/activist.

(Sandra Oh picture/Christine Yang "Grey's Anatomy quote from Entertainment Weekly)

Earlier this year, my goal was to demonstrate the unity in the lupus community.  While my goal has not changed, I soon realized that the lesson I (still) had to learn is that when people show your their true colors believe them.  Demonstrating my support for the lupus community, is something I do because it is who I am.  I am not looking for recognition or accolades... I offer my time, energy and support when I can, this year I have experienced that they (either certain individuals or an organization) seem more than willing to accept my (and your) assistance to help their cause on their terms.  In 2012, I have learned to be clear and precise in my communication.  I have been hurt and frustrated by lupus.  I will not allow others to have a negative impact on my life, writing or work.  Apparently, it isn't enough that the disease wrecks havoc on my body and in my life.  Some facets of the lupus community have shown that they do not care about focusing on the positive.  I am going to keep shining a spotlight on how I find the "flair' while not focusing on the flare.

I am a strong woman who voices her passion for sharing Lupus Awareness and the need to fund Lupus Research.  I am not a utensil.  If I was a utensil, I would not be a spoon, I would be a purple knife.  If you have a problem with that, let's talk about and deal with it.  Together, we are on the same team.  Let's collaborate on a solution instead of creating more conflict.


  Day 28 of WEGO Health's National Health Blog Post Month.