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Exploring Superpowers ~ #HAWMC

Living with a chronic illness, in my case Lupus, can make anyone (okay, me) feel anything but super.  Sometimes, it takes all the power in my body to simply get out of bed and face what lies ahead.  As I have mentioned before in my blog posts, to me there is a transformative power of "LA Lupus Lady" the persona, I created to help share that "Lupus Awareness is Fun!" The persona has also provided me with a sense of strength, courage and (to some degree) - power!  

Thanks to Marvel (the comic company) and the "Create a SuperHero" section of the Marvel website now you can "Create Your Own SuperHero" so when I saw the prompt for today's #HAWMC writing assignment, I knew that I had the perfect opportunity to try for myself. 

This is how "LA Lupus Lady" would look if she was a "Marvelized" and became a real comic book hero.  (This is not how I look when I don my purple cape and boots, but a girl can dream and a "LA Lupus Lady" can fantasize...)

Today's WEGO Health #HAWMC (Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge) prompt is "Superpower Day".  If you had a superpower - what would it be? How would you use it?"  After pondering, a few of the classic Superpowers such as: telepathy, superstrength, or weather control.  I finally decided that I would not want to be telepathic.  It is hard enough, dealing with my own thoughts (living with Lupus, it is not unusual to catch myself running thoughts over and over in my mind), why would I choose to be able to read the mind's of others?  How does Professor X deal with it?  Often, the weakness of Lupus seems overhwelming and the idea of possessing superstrength pleased me until I realized that there is more to conquering Lupus than harnessing strength, even superstrength.  If like the character Storm, I had the ability to control the weather I would be able to alleviate most of the joint inflammation and subsequent pain that occurs when the weather changes, but is that a power I desire, I would not want to mess with Mother Nature.

After much thought, as it turns out I would not select any of those superpowers.  I would choose the power of Invulernability because like Superman, as a person living with chronic illness and an autoimmune disease I would not (and could not) pass up the chance to experience the (super) power of having control over my own body.  While it may seem like a passive superpower, I revel in the thought of selecting a "power" where the power lies in the ability to simply not be harmed, as "LA Lupus Lady" I would hope to share the power of Invulnerabilty with all who suffer from chronic disease.  Lupus is a power player of an illness, it seems to take control whenever it wants.  Usually Lupus takes control of my body at the most inconvenient times and places.  Invulnerabilty would give me the opportunity to be in control of a life (my own!), being a woman with Lupus, I often feel like I have no control.  To me, the power of being invulnerable isn't about not being harmed by anything, rather the power lies in the ability to feel safe.  To have a sense of safety, that I control would be truly powerful.

Here's to finding your power,


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